Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Time for another update on the saga of me.

Spent the weekend painting. We got the keys on Friday, and so Saturday the painting began... we got a fair bit done too, with the help of Lucas, Michelle's brother, Michelle and myself painting like kids at a kindergarden fingerpainting.

The unfun part was the fact that i somehow pinched a nerve in my back and could hardly move. I think i need a medal, i was in pain (still am) the whole weekend, up and down that step-ladder. Aahhhhhhhhhh... now i know how my poor Dad feels. (Damn genetics, i think i inherited a bad back...)

Its almost better now, I can move around now almost pain free. I'm wondering if I did it on the Friday... I was home looking after Katie (she had her tonsils out earlier in the week) and fell. I was stepping over a plastic crate and my foot caught it and i fell full force onto the crate with my knee... landing on my hands. Broke the crate too, but i felt fine once i recovered from the trip. I'm wondering if i jarred my spine or something? Who knows... I should live.

On other news... I got my Everquest 2 character creation kit the other day. EQ1 had me hooked for three years. I can see EQ2 being so much better... for one, they are promising the game will also cater for the casual gamer which is good for me, as I have so much other stuff to do that a game wouldnt get very much play compared to the old EQ1 days. I'll be upgrading my graphics card just before i get the EQ2 which should be in November. Going to get me the latest Nvidia 6800 Ultra, but wont get the 256Mb version.. for $300 less I can get the 128Mb version (hardly a difference in performance) and with the extra $300 I can upgrade my CPU (If it needs it... )

Should be fun...

Other news... I've been playing with DotNetNuke. Used it to create my web site www.littlevoices.com and also my brothers site www.blackcatpcs.com.au
Its pretty cool, and I will get some example code and write a few modules for the DotNetNuke... Its the lazy man's web site... very powerful. www.dotnetnuke.com

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Pluck: Search, Retrieve, Organize & Share the Web
I've just discovered a new easier way to read blogs, and news. RSS. It stands for Real Simple Subscription. You seen those little XML orange boxes? Thats a link to subscribe to stuff in your RSS reader. I've had a bit of a look around and am trying two readers at the moment.

First one I tried is called Pluck, and despite the amusing name, is really good. It turns your browser into an outlook look alike. You can share your links if you like, with others. Also you can set up persistent searches on google, etc.

The other one i'm trying out is IntraVnews. Its free for single user, but you are to pay if you use it at work. I installed another called NewsGator, but as soon as i saw it was trial, I uninstalled it. It puzzles me that people charge when other people put theirs out for free. Free is so hard to beat, especially when the free ones are so good.

I'm rambling. Hope you are well...

Saturday, September 04, 2004

House is coming along... only about a week or two and we should have the key. Then we have some painting to do, put down some carpets and get the carport (freestanding) put up.

It will be nice (for the bank balance) to get a tenant into the house so we dont have to pay for the thing ourself! Lucky our other investment property is positive cashflow, it at least helps cover some of the interest repayments.

On the programming front, i've been working on my uni assignment, a web site for booking flights on some imaginary airline company. Part A (the design) is due Monday. I have a couple of things to add to the draft and that bit is finished. The programming part i've started but its not due for a while yet.

Cartoon front is quiet... i've had one funny idea lately and drew a couple of pencil sketches of it. I'd like to do some more work on my spider cartoon strip but just havent had the time nor motivation. might do some doodling tonight.

I got an email from Miyuki in Japan, she will be back in a few weeks and will live with some friends. She might come and stay with us again as we are close to the city. Another Japanese student arrives tomorrow morning, Natsuko. Shes 22 and will be here a month.

I cooked a lasagna this week... from scratch. Pasta included. I can't believe pasta is just flour and egg. What a scam. Those italians have a lot to answer for making all this yummy food out of common every day food. ;-)