Thursday, October 14, 2004

This post should be a little more positive than the last... I went for a job last week. It was for a junior developer role and i got positive feedback from the first interview. They wanted me back for another interview, this time to meet the client. That went well too.

Today I got a call, they have offered me the same as what i am on now! I should get the letter of offer tomorrow (it didnt get to me today...) and then four weeks notice and then I'm a real developer!! Oh its mostly VB.NET and i'll be on the Department of Justice contract. I'm SOO excited, you have NO idea!

I could just squeel. :-)

Monday, October 04, 2004

Yaaaay!! I'm all alone!

Michelle, Jessica and Katie have all gone to Rottnest Island for the week. I'm at home left to look after the cat. I've got all my leave booked for Christmas and the honeymoon, so thats why i'm home alone. (Hmm.. conjures up images of that kid alone with the crooks trying to break in...)

I'm cool with that. Its so quiet... Its been aaaaaaages since i've been by myself. I've got two assignments due in the next week and the investment property to get ready to rent. The fence is going up today and the carport should go in sometime in the next few weeks. We'll advertise it for this weekend. Still the garden and reticulation to do, but after that it should be low maintenance.

Anyway back to my assignment and then off to Uni tonight after a two week break... hey... I just heard a sound... I think someones trying to break in!! Quick! I better set up some booby traps to catch the bad guys!