Monday, July 26, 2004

Not so good news from my Agent (for my Greeting card designs). He got an email from the distributors saying they dont think they will be popular. Still to hear what the problem is with them. Perhaps just one person didnt get them.

I heard that three of the agents thought they would do well, so this is a bit of a backward turnaround. Just about everyone laugh at them so dunno... maybe they are just too nice? Someone said that about them... they are not crass or low-brow.

Started back at Uni tonight. Almost missed my lecture because i didnt realise Uni started this week. LOL. I just wasnt thinking about it... anyway its Visual Programming and Operating Systems as my two units this semester. Should do pretty well which is good, I want to get my average up a bit. Its currently 80.89 just scraping in as a High Distinction. :-)

Not giving up on the cards yet. Dave still has some work to do, and theres always other distributors. One door closes and another opens. I'm still pretty damned stoked that he likes my designs so much hes prepared to put money into them. He believes they will do well, and I think they will too. Time will tell. Might try some other designs too, maybe arty abstract ones

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Uni Results

Latest news on my uni results. I passed!!


Here's my units so far... the ones I just finished are the first two below.

Systems and Database Design HD (82) 
Unix and C HD (89) 
Communicating in an IT Environment CR (66) 
Systems Analysis HD (80) 
Programming Principles HD (91) 
Computer Fundamentals D (77) 

Thats an average of 80.89 which scrapes in as a High Distinction! :-)



Latest news on the Greeting card front... The promo cards (48 cards, 12 of two chosen designs) have been printed and are with the distributors. They are printing the flyers that have the 12 card images on them. 6 Images on each side of a nice pretty full colour A4 flyer.

I should soon get a copy of the flyer and the promo cards so i will be able to actually SHOW people my finished work. In the next few weeks i should find out how many shops are ordering the cards for the first print run. Excitement eh?!?!

If it all takes off I should be able to quit my day job. I'm not sure if I will thought, I do like my job. Maybe I'll do some contracting and make more money.

On other fronts it looks like I'll be doing someone's web site for them. Should be good for the experience.