Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vista Dreams

A few minutes of looking at my desktop and i'm starting to feel a bit seasick.
Deep Ocean Dream

I remember trying out Dremples a few years ago and after the novelty runs out (about half an hour) and you need the CPU its chewing up you quickly turn it off. Granted its using the GPU now which is good but I think if the background is too busy then it will reduce productivity via distraction. The default one that comes with the Ultimate Dreams patch is nice, it's very subtle.

Code Camp Oz

Well it looks like i'll be going to Code Camp Oz this year!

A friend has an unwanted ticket to Melbourne and if she is booking the flight for me for the dates for Code Camp. Yes, i know its in Wagga Wagga but there are some Melbournites travelling up for the weekend so i'm going to hitch a ride.

Should be a blast. Any other Perth people going? Let me know - yet to organise accomodation.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things I'm up to at the moment.
  • Doing tax stuff. Tax agent has been taking aaages and now someone else at their office has taken over and is asking lots of questions. Some of which I've previously answered. You get that.
  • Weblogging. I should be asleep, i'm not feeling 100%. Got the sniffles and a pre-flu back ache.
  • Setting up my web site again... I somehow trashed DotNetNuke. I have a feeling if you even go NEAR the Application installers on DotNetPark (my host) it trashes the database. I tried a restore but it didn't help, so I thought Ah well I wanted to try out Community Server anyway for another project.
  • Avoiding gaming. I want to code and I want to play WOW. (World of Warcraft). Can't do both unfortunately.
  • Today I went to a .net coffee meeting, a really good idea. Met some new guys in the .net world. Its a regular thing and Nick has a post or two about it. I was pretty impressed to see Nick did his homework and the cafe has wi-fi! Nice one! for more info about that.
  • I just signed up for a beta for which looks to be a kid friendly SecondLife. I've beta tested a LOT of MMORPGs. Some of which include;
  1. Star Wars Galaxies
  2. World of Warcraft
  3. Anarchy Online
  4. The Matrix
  5. D&D Online
  6. GuildWars
  7. Possibly others...
Ones i've played'
  1. Active Worlds (kind of like SecondLife I believe)
  2. Everquest
  3. Everquest 2
  4. Horizons
  5. Eve Online
  6. GuildWars
  7. Asheron's Call
  8. World of Warcraft
Hmm... quite an impressive list when you look at them all at once. No wonder my wife complains. hehe...

  • Oh, also in the process of organising finance to bulldoze my house and build a new one!! Exciting times!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New content

Well it’s been way too long since I’ve posted to this blog. A whole host of reasons as to why… Too busy, not focused, no reason etc etc.


One thing I’ve been thinking about, and I’m sure it comes up for all bloggers, is how much information do you blog? Do you blog about a specific topic with the aim to become an expert? Or do you blog about general stuff which might appeal more for people interested in what *I’m* talking about rather than what I have to say about something. Subtle difference.


Anyway, I thought I would fire up this blog again and make it my “Dear Diary” so to speak. I’m going to blog about the things I’m interested in, in no particular order. I would love to have a big reader base as I believe I have some things to say that may make a difference to some people. The most mind boggling thing is, I have no idea who that might be. I’ll let chance decide who that may be.


I’ll keep the posts as short as I can as I think long blog posts take up too much time. Short and to the point… I’ve got a lot of ideas I would like to get out there. I’ve even thought that a history of what I’m thinking etc would be great for my kids to read in years and years when I’m no longer around. (hopefully a LONG time from now!)