Friday, August 27, 2004

Cold and rainy night tonight. Michelle is sick. Miyuki is flying out to Japan tonight. She will be back in two weeks, but will be staying with some friends for two months. We have a new Japanese student moving in next week... her name is Natsuko, age 22.

I've got two assignments coming up for Uni. Ever notice how unexciting assignments are, even when you love the subject? hehe. Ah well, at least I have started them.

I went to a .NET meeting on Thursday and it was pretty good. They went over some compact framework stuff for Smartphones, which is perfect as I've just began doing some coding for my smartphone2. Cool phone. I had some problems with the SD reader on it, and ended up having to send it away (when the SD card got stuck in it!) and its been working great since I got it back. i-mate� Smartphone2

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