Friday, April 13, 2007

Vista Pain

Found a good write up on WHS here A Week with WHS.

Still moving data from my drives and adding them into the WHS pool. Have set up redundancy on my photos... It's like Juggling moving the data off a drive then adding it into the pool so I can then add the next one.

I finally got Vista installed on this here desktop. I must have tried a dozen times, downloading different SATA device drivers for the VIA chipset. The motherboard is an A8V Asus mb and as far as I can tell there is no way to get around the problem. I could install XP and begin the install, and about 27% through the "expanding" step it would reboot (normal behaviour I think) and after rebooting it would come up with an 0x80070008 error. Googling shows this to be an Access denied error message. So I eventually put in a PATA drive and used that as my system drive and it installed first go, so it was as I suspected, an issue with SATA drivers.
Am happy to leave it as is, as I can still access the SATA drive now that Vista is installed.

I do like the new feature of Vista that allows drivers to be loaded from floppy, CD/DVD or USB. You have no idea how hard it is finding a floppy disk around here that still actually works! Not to mention a floppy disk drive!

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