Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drawn out…

Wow, had an awesome day today at the Perth Markets ( drawing caricatures.

I’ll post some of the caricatures I’ve done this weekend, in another post. I’ve drawn 23 people today in around 8 hours. Some of them were group caricatures, but it was quite busy. At one stage I had a queue!! :)

Yesterday was a bit quieter, I drew 18 people. One of them was a family of 7!! Hmm, that’s 41 people in two days… WOO!

Jeremy ( also came along to draw, and he did one of me (and I did one of him).

He captured my nose quite well, don’t you think?


I’ll be back there tomorrow for most of the day, and Dave Gray ( will be there too. See you there!

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