Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thought for the day...

If we had the technology to reproduce a human being in 100% efficiency, and we were then to remove parts of the brain from the original and implant them into the copy, with 100% accuracy, what part of the brain would give that person the experience of waking up in the new body? Would moving part of the brain give this effect? Or is the whole brain in its entirety what comprises our soul. Are the two even related? In other words, where is our consciousness physically located?

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Wolfbyte said...

To follow that thought along to some disturbing conclusions:

1) What happens if we grow this 100% simulacrum in another body and then swap them?

2) Which is to be considered the real one?

3) Which retains the rights of ownership under the law?

4) How long will the two brains remain identical before external pressures force them onto divergent paths?

5) Which of these would be considered the original fork?

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